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Dec 4, 2013 9:00pm EST
calls by the rest. did you see the sunday nights redskins-giants game? here is what is happening -- what happened. they were initially told by officials they made a first down. by a long -- after a long passing play that was incomplete, they learned they were short on the previous play, which means that the first down had been a third down. then on what became a fourth down, the redskins turned the ball over and it sealed the giants win. i know, it's complicated. one way this could have been avoided was to more accurately measure the field in the first place. the technology is already on the tv, right? pimm fox spoke with the ceo of the company that is making this thing and reality. >> we have patented technology that is designed to project a laser on the field so that it can be seen by everyone in the stands, the players, and the coaches. and eventually, we hope to be able to replace the chains so that automatically, the referees can see if it is a first down line and it might have avoided the problem it had last night. >> why didn't they do this, or is it a long process they have to go
Dec 10, 2013 6:00am EST
work during hurricane sandy. >> something about -- >> forget the redskins, how will ruleocal rule -- volcker change washington after they actually vote on it? tweet us @bsurveillance. this is "bloomberg surveillance" streaming on your tablet, your phone, and ♪ "bloomberg surveillance." >>." "bloomberg surveillance." memorial service for nelson mandela. four president the 10. attending.sidents george bush, senior, not. the president will speak shortly in johannesburg. this is the memorial service, not the funeral service, for nelson mandela. worldwide, this is "bloomberg surveillance." we have a morning must-read. >> it plays off of his picture on the coverage of "the wall street journal "bloomberg surveillance." before and after of kim jong u n from north korea and his uncle who has been photoshop out of outpicture -- photoshopped of the picture. we will find more from richard falkenrath. i have an essay from robert manning, a fellow at the rent escrow croft center. anwrites that it seems like overgrown spoiled child -- the fact that kim jong un, purged his uncle,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2